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How – And Why – You Should Work On Your Competitor Analysis

Blue Ocean v Red Ocean In the startup world you’ll hear the phrases BLUE OCEAN and RED OCEAN tossed around a lot. I’m pretty anti-jargon, but the concept of blue and red oceans is a sound one. A BLUE OCEAN is an open market in which you are CREATING demand...

Hi- I’m Sarah! I’m inviting you to join me this summer as together we take the plunge and prepare to launch or turbo-charge your business.

Although I started out as a product designer, supplying inspirational retailers from Anthropologie to Liberty, for years now as a website designer, I’ve been helping small businesses take their first steps. However, with every project that I worked on I realised that I was spending a lot of the project time (happily!) helping my clients with the broader tasks around their business, from product design to digital marketing.

I have loved this part of my job so much that I have poured my heart into building a 30 day startup bootcamp that will take you through the core areas that you will need to master as you get ready to launch your business, from building user personas that will help you zoom in on who exactly your customers are, to choosing your accounting software and sending your first email marketing campaign.

This course has been built for YOU, whether you are planning a business that will allow you to become a digital nomad, running your business from a beach in Thailand or whether you have spotted an opportunity for a successful local business.

I have purposely kept things broad because the core principles remain the same no matter what your business is – understanding your market, and knowing how to use your tools.

Are you ready to join me?