What if I told  you that I could demystify the entire process of creating and launching a successful physical product – in under an hour?

You’d be celebrating, right?

I’m going to show you my tried-and-tested process to manufacturing a new, profitable physical product and getting it onto the shelves of your favourite retailers. AND it’s live, so I’ll be there to answer all your questions as we go.


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Welcome to Flourish with Sarah Lidwell-Durnin

I help women get new businesses up and running with practical, tailored mentoring, training and website design.

Flourish is my 6 week program designed to help you create and launch a physical product that MAKES WAVES. Together we will refine your idea, get your product made and take it OUT THERE to the retailers and trade shows that matter. We’ll learn how to avoid expensive mistakes and craft a sales and marketing strategy that delivers. Are you in?


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With weekly videos for product creators all about designing, making and launching amazing physical products, I answer all your questions and lay bare the secrets of the trade!

Flourish is a 6 week course to help you create & launch a physical product to take the world by storm! With video, slideshows, handbooks and workbooks as well as incredible bonus material, an exclusive community and lifetime access, this course is a gamechanger.

Join a brand new community on Facebook to ask all those questions, share your successes and get feedback from me and an exclusive group of women who – like you – are right there where it’s happening, building flourishing new businesses. Come and join us today!

 In less than an hour, this free webinar will take you through the entire process of creating and launching a brand new and PROFITABLE physical product.From pricing strategies to ethical manufacturing to trade fairs, this webinar is solid gold. What are you waiting for?

About Me

Hi- I’m Sarah! I’m inviting you to join me this autumn as together we take the plunge and prepare to launch or turbo-charge your business.

Although I started out as a product designer, supplying inspirational retailers from Anthropologie to Liberty, for years now as a project and website designer, I’ve been helping small businesses take their first steps.

However, with every project that I worked on I realised that I was spending a lot of the project time (happily!) helping my clients with the broader tasks around their business, from product design to digital marketing.

I have loved this part of my job so much that I have poured my heart into building a 6 week startup bootcamp that will take you through the core areas that you will need to master as you get ready to launch your business, from building user personas that will help you zoom in on who exactly your customers are, to getting a brand new product from concept to customer.

Are you ready to join me?

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