It takes a village.

I help wineries, wine educators and other businesses in the wine industry build communities, not audiences.

We cannot create wine without community – it takes a village, after all – so let’s enjoy it as a community as well.

What I Do

Audiences are so 2019. Pre-pandemic it was all about list-building and funnels. It was about conversions, not conversations.

But now, sitting here in 2022, we can see that people don’t want to buy from aspirational or worse – anonymous – brands. People want to speak with you, be a part of what you do, open a bottle of wine with you.

So that’s where I can help you. Through my consultancy, Natural History, I help wineries and wine-adjacent businesses build thriving communities. Communities of informed, enthusiastic wine-lovers who are happy, confident buyers.

I also run The Secret Wine School.

Why Work With Me?

I have spent the last 10 years designing beautiful things and working with small businesses all over the world helping them design and launch outstanding communities, products and services.

Since placing my first designs in Anthropologie and Liberty (and helping my clients do the same) and gaining  huge amount of experience in product design, digital design and digital strategy, I have now moved to the wine industry (I am a WSET Diploma student) and am developing an underground wine community in my home city of Oxford.

With expertise in tech and design, I use a suite of flexible tools to help my clients including WordPress, Bubble, Teachable, LearnWorlds, ConvertKit, ThriveCart and Substack. I can build you a world-class website in a week, create a wine school from the ground up and help you streamline your existing (perhaps slightly scattered?) tech stack into something lean and tight.

My years of experience in designing for luxury retail means that I bring a keen visual and commercial eye to my work. There’s no harm in creating the most beautiful things in the world for your own pleasure, but if you want to SELL them as well, you might need me and my experience to help you along the way.


I’m on Substack.

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