Outsourcing Mastery Webinar

Are you going to join us on the 1st of July?

On the 1st of July join me for an exclusive webinar on how to effectively handle outsourcing for your new business. Get the inside story on how to handle outsourcing key business tasks with Fiverr, People Per Hour and UpWork.

Learn how the pros hire overseas and local freelancers to help them launch their businesses and keep them ticking over efficiently and profitably. Find out when a deal really is too good to be true, and how it’s all about managing your expectations and knowing how to ask the right questions.

I have been working with freelancers from all over the world for years now and have learned all the tricks of the trade. I have made mistakes, built strong relationships and learned how pricing and expectations differ from country to country. I have also been the overseas freelancer myself on many occasions and understand the highs and lows of working for a client who is 3000  miles away.

This webinar could save you thousands of dollars in just one session – if you run or are starting a new business, then you can’t afford to miss this session with me!

20 PROVEN Tips For Creating A

Beautiful Product That Sells


Shine a light on the need-to-know steps to launching your first physical product - that SELLS.

I have launched products into Anthropologie, Liberty, Paperchase and more and I’m going to give you my tried-and-tested process for preparing to create a new, profitable physical product.

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