The Well-Planned Planner

You want to create a planner to sell in 2020. A beautifully designed and successful one.

But how do you actually BEGIN?

This is where The Well-Planned Planner comes in.

I help ambitious, creative women design, create and launch successful physical products and I made this course for you.

I had an idea, what I felt was a great idea! To create a planner specifically curated for the Rodan + Fields consultant. I was my own customer, I saw a need in my own business.

Without coming across Sarah, my planner would not be here today. Her online course set the stage for my success. Turning my dream into a reality. I sold out of my very first batch, and with Sarah’s guidance we are on track for a bright future.

I am beyond grateful for this resource. It has changed my life for the better. Thank you, Sarah!

Erica L.

Does any of this sound like you?

  You love planners! But you’ve never found the PERFECT one for your needs, so you have started thinking about how maybe you should launch your own and do it right.

  You have a thriving coaching or service business and you want to introduce an amazing print product to help your clients and fans bring it all together. 

  You want to start your own business with a single product but you’ve never done this before and don’t know how all the moving parts fit together – it seems so complicated.

  You know your planner idea is brilliant, but how do you build an audience of potential customers from scratch? 

 You have no idea how to get from IDEA to INCOME with your planner. Is there a magic formula for launching a product like this?

  Rationally you know that it is possible to create a planner, but how do you make yours stand out from the crowd? Should it be super niche or super general?

  Your planner starts to seem like it was impossible and unrealisable.

You want to create and publish a planner, and  your idea is going to help so many people. You know you have what it takes to make a success of it, but there is so much that is unfamiliar. There are so many unknowns – audience-building, design, print, logistics!


But imagine building an audience of perfect customers BEFORE you even have a product, and getting your high-level, life-changing planner smoothly and confidently designed, tested, printed and launched to your raving fans.

What if this was you:

  • knowing exactly where your planner fits – and will win –  in a busy market.
  • kicking off a content strategy to build excitement – on autopilot.
  • building an audience of raving fans before you even have a product.
  • designing and laying out a planner that exactly serves their needs to the finest detail.
  • working with a graphic designer efficiently and confidently to get what you need.
  • teasing your fans with previews that get you email addresses AND pre-launch feedback.
  • heading to print with a professional, tested product that ALREADY has an audience ready to buy.

Welcome to The Well-Planned Planner.

A straightforward, straight-talking course that you can do in a day to build an audience of raving fans and launch the impeccably designed, beautifully presented and above all USEFUL planner that they crave.

How We’ll Get Your Planner Perfectly Planned

Lesson 1:Research

Let’s dive into your industry and pull out our top 5 planners, and analyse them from the perspectives that matter most for your new planner. We’ll assess exactly what’s going on out there and plan a strategy for creating something that knocks them out of the water.

Lesson 2: Pre-Launch

Before we even start designing your planner, we’re going to pre-launch it! What?? Yep – we’re going to craft a killer pre-launch strategy that will start growing your audience of raving fans before they even KNOW you have a planner. 

Lesson 3: Design

This is the big one! In this lesson we’re going to look at the anatomy of the perfect planner, and learn how to create a design and layout that gives your graphic designer EVERYTHING she needs to bring your vision to life. 

Lesson 4: Launch

In the final lesson we talk about how to get your planner printed and whether to consider print on demand planners or bulk, and what costs you have to consider when working out your final cost per unit before you LAUNCH!

BONUS: Get Organised With Trello

In this kick-ass bonus module, I’ve put everything from the course – and more – into a comprehensive Trello board for you to use to plan your own planner strategy from start to finish, with an in-depth walkthrough of the entire board to make sure that you get the absolute most from this high-level resource.

What You Will Achieve

Market Insight

You will know what’s out there and understand in fine detail what makes each planner different and how to make YOURS stand out.

Practical Know-How

Understand the different printing routes you could take, and how to plan your shipping and distribution like a pro.

Well-Planned Design

Design your dream planner down to the last detail using a combination of a killer spreadsheet to organise your thoughts and good old-fashioned pencil and paper to map out your layouts.

Confidence With Freelancers

Find and hire an amazing graphic designer to collaborate with, and blow her away with your organisation and preparation when she sees your designs and layouts.

An Audience of Raving Fans

Before you even HAVE A PRODUCT, learn how to build your audience and serve their needs with a finely-tuned social and content strategy that runs on autopilot.

A No-Surprises Financial Plan

Understand ALL the hidden costs of creating a planner before you even start, so that you can budget with confidence, and keep you eye on the PROFIT.

Tech Expertise

Get the confidence you need to handle your own website and tech and save your budget for the main event – your PLANNER .

And Above All – Confidence

Feel calm and in control of all the moving parts of launching your own planner.

Thank you so much for this program, I couldn’t have done this without you. I am going to receive my first batch of planners hot if the press this week! I may faint when this box arrives.
Erica L., Detroit

 This one-of-a-kind course is centred on one thing: helping YOU to create a stunning planner to sell that your customers will love.

I have supplied my luxury journals and stationery to top retailers all over the world from Anthropologie to Liberty in London and still get the thrill of opening a magazine and spotting one of my designs in a luxury interiors project.

I designed this course to solve your planner problems and lay out a clear, actionable strategy for you to create a planner that SELLS.

Start The Well Planned Planner Today!

You can get a rock-solid foundation for your planner TODAY by taking The Well Planned Planner.

And the best bit? It’s only $99.

Let’s get your planner off to the best possible start.

I help ambitious, creative women (that’s you, by the way!) create and launch successful physical products. I have launched my own collections into luxury retailers all over the world – without 10 years of industry experience, a bulging address book or investors – and I want to show you how to do it too.

I am your very own product problem solver.

No matter what your niche is, I am here for you. Think of me as having a co-founder in your back pocket – always on call to help you, with practical, experienced support.

Sarah is great – she has the eye of a true designer so anything she creates oozes style. And she is quick! Wow! I’m amazed and impressed. She even helped me out with some of the writing for my website as I was struggling to find the right words. Comes highly recommended. Thank you Sarah!

Abagail Dempsey


Sarah helped me out on a tight situation for my business and brand – the support she provided for me was fantastic and her knowledge was priceless. She is worth every penny. Thank you Sarah! I enjoyed working with you and hope to work with you again in the near future.

Nathalie Mustafa