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The Creative Business Startup Checklist – Free Guide

The CBSC checklist is my tried and tested roadmap to launching a brand new physical product. It features all the steps that I followed to get my designs into Anthropologie and Liberty with NO name recognition or track record as a product designer, along with all the things I WISH I had known!

This 10 page guide is chock full of practical, actionable advice, from manufacturing to shipping, and is completely unmissable. My mentors said I was giving too much away with this one, but I WANT you to have it.

Find Your Product – Free Course

Find Your Product is a free week-long course that will help you to define the perfect physical product for your new business.

Over seven days we will explore your industry, product ideas, your personal and business ambitions and your role models. The aim of the course is to give you clarity and to help you assess the best products that match your goals.

As an extra bonus, I will share the Trello template that I use with my top-tier clients to give them clarity and direction.

FREE Flourish Guide – User Personas

Flourish Guides are essential reading for any new business. The User Personas guide is a deep dive into creating user personas – or avatars – that will help you get to know your target clients. The more you know about the people you want to sell to, the easier it will be to track them down pitch to them.

I will take you through all of the most important aspects of creating a set of user personas that will help you make money. Find the people who will buy, and stop wasting your time and resources on the people who will never convert for you.


Shine a light on the need-to-know steps to launching your first product.

My exclusive 10 page guide covers everything from finding your niche to getting free PR when you launch.

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