20 Tips For Creating a Product That Sells

I am obsessed with product creation. From food to jewellery from apparel to home accessories – I just love it all. And I’ve launched quite a lot of it too! 

Get my 20 top tips for researching, designing and creating a successful physical product now.

Flourish: Create A Product That Sells

When you have a big idea you want to get STARTED right this minute, right? But something is holding you back. Launching a product costs time and money, and what if you get it wrong? Where do you start? How on earth do you get something actually made, never mind into stores?

Flourish: Create A Product That Sells contains my top 20 tips for every stage of creating and launching a new product.

From Concept to Customer, these tips show you the exact steps I took to design and launch new products that won awards and were carried by top luxury retailers all over the world from Liberty to Anthropologie.

Whatever Your Product

Whether you are interested in style, food, or tech, your first step with any new business should be research and planning.

This doesn’t just have to mean spreadsheets and data (yet!). It also means giving yourself time to explore your ideas and organise your plan of action so that you can focus your time and energies wisely.

If you want to design the perfect water bottle or launch a range of organic cheese, you also need to consider what will happen if your new business WORKS. Will it bring you closer to or disrupt your dream lifestyle?

And even after you have worked that out, you still have a long way to go.

I’m not going to pretend this is going to be easy. It’s not. It’s hard getting a product designed and made, harder to get it into people’s HANDS, and harder still to make the whole thing profitable.

But it can be done, and the key is planning.

I’m giving you the opportunity right now to get your business off to the best possible start by sharing with you my top tips that helped me get my award-winning designs into top luxury retailers around the world – and I’ve added in the things I WISH I had known too!

When I showed this document to my mentors, they said “Sarah, it’s great – but aren’t you giving too much away with this? Keep some of it back or charge for it – keep it for your paying clients!” but I really want to give this to you, because I know how overwhelming this stage can be and I know it will help you.

What’s actually in these tips we’re all talking about, then?


Get my insights on:

Knowing Your Customer

Working With Manufacturers

Market Research

Getting Your Product Into Top Retailers


Selling Online

And MUCH more.

(Did I mention that’s it’s completely free? Consider it my gift to you.)


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