What Kind Of Resilient CEO Are You?

You know the world can be unpredictable and that there can be surprises – good and bad! – around every corner when you run your own business.

The secret to weathering the storm is to be a Resilient CEO and craft a sustainable, flexible business – and one that lights you up!

So what kind of Resilient Business are you going to build?


Your Resilient CEO Archetype

Take this free 1 minute quiz to find out what Resilient CEO Archetype fits you and your personality best, and get your detailed report on the best kind of multi-offering business for you!

Your Resilient CEO Archetype draws on a combination of business goals AND your personality type. It will help you craft a business that suits who you truly are, and works to your natural strengths.

I help ambitious, creative women build sustainable businesses. With a background in product design, I have launched my own collections into luxury retailers like Anthropologie all over the world and built resilent, sustainabile digital products of all kinds and I want to show you how to do it too.

I am your very own product problem solver.

No matter what your niche is, I am here for you. First, I want to help you find your Resilient CEO Archetype and help you build the right kind of sustainable business for you.