1 Day Workshop:

Design and Launch Your Product in 2019

From Concept To Customer

Get the skills and inspiration you need to design, launch and market a physical product from scratch. 

Together we will work in-depth on your research, manufacturing and DIY marketing strategy, so that you leave this day equipped, informed and confident, with a personal roadmap for the next year.

For Creative Women Entrepreneurs

The event is limited to just 12, so that participant is guaranteed hands-on work on her own product with Sarah, as well as having the chance to get feedback and support from the whole group.

Do you have an idea for a product? Let’s bring it to life in this special workshop.

Whether you are an experienced designer or brand new to the exciting world of product design, this one day London workshop will cover all the points you need to bring a new physical product to market.

You might be asking…

How do you decide on your first product?

What is the first thing you should do when designing something new?

What questions should you ask a manufacturer?

How does a new product get into shops?

How can I market my new product myself on a shoestring?

What gets a product talked about (the right way!) in the press?

Pinpoint Your Idea

Zoom in on your niche, and pick the perfect product to launch with.

Explore the perfect market for your idea and see how far it can go.

Practical Training

Learn how to put together all the moving parts of designing and manufacturing a physical product, and how to ask manufacturers the right questions to get it right, first time.

Tailored Marketing

Get the confidence to build a website and launch an email marketing campaign that works for you while you sleep.

Get the skinny on trade shows and working with retailers.


Will your business idea make you happy? Together we will make sure that your professional and personal goals are aligned, and help you stay in tune with your long term goals every day.

Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is primarily for women at the beginning of their product or business journeys, with an idea that has not yet been brought to life, or is in the very earliest stages. Your product probably doesn’t need signifiant (six figure) external investment to create, and you anticipate launching in the next year or two. If you have an idea for a physical product and want help crafting a strategy to create and launch it, then you are in the right place.

I have an idea for a product but don't know where to start.

Then this workshop is for you! Together we will finesse your idea and explore the different ways you can bring your idea to life, whether by handcrafting it yourself or working with a manufacturer in the UK or overseas.

I have a first version of my product live but very low sales. Do I need to start over?

This workshop will be of huge benefit to you. We can investigate the best version of your product idea and how to bring it to market successfully. These things don’t happen overnight but with the right tools and strategy, you should start seeing growth within a year.

I have a product in mind, but I'm not a designer or crafter.

That’s fine – I have created products that have sold in luxury retailers all over the world and won awards and I never thought of myself as a designer when I started out! It’s all about having a clear vision and the right network of manufacturers. 

Are you going to cover my industry in this workshop?

The same principles of product design and manufacture apply to nearly all industries. You need a clear idea, a way of having it made and a market to sell it to. Broadly, this workshop will primarily cover physical products that are sold in shops here in the UK, so food and drink, apparel, personal and home accessories, design-led objects, baby products and more. It might be of less relevance if your product idea is highly technical or industrial, or likely to require significant investment (a car or solar panels, for instance).

I don't want anyone to steal my idea, so I want to keep it secret at the workshop.

To get the best out of this workshop, and to interact honestly and openly with the group, you will need to share your product idea. In most cases it is not your product idea, but your execution of it that makes your business a success and unique. That said, if you would prefer to work privately and in complete confidence with me instead of in a group setting, you should take a look at my coaching package as this might be more suited to your needs.

Join me in London this April

The day will start at 9.30am with coffee and introductions in our stylish central London venue, and with a combination of masterclass-style sessions and group work, we will work together to achieve four main goals:

  • Zooming in on the right product
  • Getting it made
  • Getting it to market
  • Aligning professional & personal aims

Morning coffee, a healthy light lunch and afternoon refreshments are included in the ticket price, and will be provided at the venue, with time to absorb and discuss what we are learning and discovering.

After the workshop ends at 4pm, we will change venue to unwind over a glass of wine nearby before the close of the day.

Are You In?

This inspiring and intensive workshop costs £350. This includes 6 laser-focused modules led by experienced coach and designer Sarah Lidwell-Durnin, with workbooks and expert advice throughout, as well as lunch and refreshments.

Who Is Your Host?

 My name is Sarah Lidwell-Durnin and I have been working with new designers and makers ever since launching my own successful design studio 10 years ago.

Although I was brand new to the design world, with no connections or manufacturing experience, within 2 years my products were being carried all over the world, by retailers from Anthropologie to Liberty, Lane Crawford (Hong Kong) to Fortnum & Mason. My textiles were ordered by luxury interior designers in LA, New York, Moscow and Tokyo and my printed ceramics won awards.

This didn’t happen overnight. There was trial and error. There were lucky breaks and expensive mistakes, but I learned a vast amount about product design and manufacture, marketing, PR and mindset.

This workshop, and my online course, Flourish: From Concept To Customer, is the result of all that I have learned on this journey, and I want to share it with you this April so that you can launch your new product with confidence and success.

Join us on the 26th of April to start your new business in 2019 with style and confidence.

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