Are you a business owner, or do you have an idea for an inspiring new physical product?

With my 1:1 strategy coaching program, I teach women like you how to start and run a product-based business, and lead a happy and fulfilled life alongside it.

With many years of experience launching stylish, luxury products worldwide (with two babies thrown in for good luck!), I know how to help you get a firm grip on what you want to do, and exactly how to do it, even if your life is already busy and action-packed.

Are you a business owner, or someone with an idea for an inspiring new physical product?

I teach women how to start and run a product-based business, and lead a happy and fulfilled life alongside it.

With many years of experience launching stylish, luxury products worldwide, and having babies along the way, I can help you get a firm grip on what you want to do, and exactly how to do it, even if your life is already busy and action-packed.

Personal Strategy Coaching

Flourish, my flagship course, is opening for enrolments in November 2018, and will take you step by step through what you need to do to get started.

But if you want something deeper, more personal and more focussed on YOU and YOUR business, we can work together 1:1.

In January 2019, for the first time, I am opening up just four places for 1:1 coaching.

When we work together, we will have 1 hour on the phone or by video chat every week, and unlimited Slack access for all those things that crop up during the week.

I will be your sounding board, your personal strategist and your cheerleader, whenever you need me.

What Will We Do Together?

First we will find out what it is that you need most from me, and how I can best deliver it. Maybe you need feedback on a product idea, or perhaps you have a product already on the market but sales have stalled, or you want to bring it to the next level and start approaching retailers.

We will examine your product or product idea together and explore its potential for market, and together work out how to get it in front of the right people. We’ll break down your marketing strategy and the tools you are using, and see how we can streamline your week.

We will make sure that you are doing the right things for you and for your lifestyle, and that you are HAPPY doing what you are doing. We will examine your mindset and how it impacts how you come across to potential clients and customers, because these things are hugely entwined.

Most of all, I will give you practical support and advice. If you are facing a challenge, we will work together to help you overcome it in a practical and positive way. Looking for great manufacturers? Let’s find them! Searching for the best platform to find new trade clients overseas? Let’s sort it out together.

You Are In The Right Place If…

You have a fantastic product idea and want dedicated, practical 1:1 support to help you launch it.

You have an launched your business with a physical product of your own and don’t know what to do next to make it a success, both financially and personally.

You are ready to build something SUCCESSFUL and AUTHENTIC.

You have at least two days a week to put the work in – coaching is a time as well as financial investment, and I want you to be able to get the very most out of our time together and not feel rushed or stressed out.

You are willing to look critically your business and make adjustments and changes when they are needed.

You want the support of an experienced consultant, who has successfully launched products into leading retailers all over the world, who is ON YOUR TEAM.

You want VIP access to Flourish, my flagship course, that takes new business owners like you step by step through the practicalities of creating and launching a product.

You crave accountability and a hand to hold while you start a successful and FLOURISHING new business.


So What Happens Next?

When you sign up, I will send you a questionnaire about your business. There are no right or wrong answers – it’s just to help me get to know you, and find out how best we can work together.

We will have a weekly call, at the same time every week to create a roadmap for your business. I will give you advice, support and also help you to define tasks for each week. Our calls will give you structure and accountability, two things that are often hard to manage when you are starting a business on your own.

You will have unlimited, private access to me via Slack so that you can get in touch with me whenever you need me. I will always reply to you with 24 hours, or on the next working day.

For as long as we are working together you will also have access to Flourish, my flagship course that will take you through all the practical steps of starting a product-based business.

Who Am I?

My name is Sarah, and although I was born in Dublin, Ireland, I have lived in Oxford and London for the last 10 years. I have two children under 10, and since my first daughter was born I have run my own business. 

I started out creating luxury home accessories for the high end retail market (Liberty, Anthropologie) and printed linens for the luxury interior design sector. After doing this for seven years, I realised that I wanted to work with business owners in a different way, and started doing 1:1 consulting and web design. 

I have worked with retailers and product designers from many different angles, and know the challenges, the joys and the mindset of running a small business creating physical products. I specialise in high end or design driven products, and love interior design, skincare and fashion.

Whatever your business niche, I hope that I can bring you clarity and practical support, infused with my infectious energy and positive attitude!

Your Investment

For new coaching clients who sign up by January 2019, your investment in this program is £575 GBP or $750 USD a month. There is no long term commitment, but I do suggest that you give the program at least 6 months so that we can really make an impact together.

Want to talk it through a bit more with me? Let’s jump on the phone and get to know each other!


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