I’m Sarah and I’m from Dublin in Ireland. Over the years I’ve lived in Marrakech, Paris and Oxford before moving to London last year with my family. We travel a lot, and spend our summers on the Greek island of Crete, swimming all day and cooking huge meals for all our friends and family who come to stay in our home there.

My Story


When my first daughter was born, I started a design studio and online shop called Natural History. By the time my second daughter came along, my products were being carried by luxury retailers all over the world, from Anthropologie to Liberty, and my designs were being commissioned by high end department stores globally and I had also launched a luxury textiles collection.

During those years I learned a lot about myself and the sort of lifestyle I wanted from work (remember that thing about travel ands summers on the beach in Crete?), so three years ago I changed tack completely and set up my web design and development studio, which I absolutely love.

A huge part of what I do is helping my wonderful clients on all the nuts and bolts AROUND their websites though, from email marketing campaigns to product manufacture, and my love of helping my clients and sharing my knowledge has led me to launch  my first course, Flourish. I can’t wait to share all of my experience and knowledge with you, so that your business can flourish too.


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