Meet Sarah Lidwell-Durnin

I help ambitious, creative women create and launch successful digital and physical products. I am a product expert, speaker, ex-medievalist (!) and Mum of two fantastic tween girls.

You have an amazing idea for a brilliant new product – or maybe it’s already up and nearly running – but you are feeling overwhelmed with the sheer complexity of it all. There’s a LOT to take on, right?

That’s what I’m here for.

I am a product problem-solver. I am the answer to your prayers.



Because creating any kind of new product is hard, whether it’s a lead magnet, a 1:1 coaching program or a skincare collection. There are so many moving parts, and the stakes are high – they cost money to make, especially physical products, so you don’t want to screw up, right?

But the reward is unbeatable – seeing a product that YOU have designed and created in people’s lives, or on the shelves of your favourite retailers is a really special feeling, and I am here to help you achieve just that.

I have successfully launched design-led, premium physical and digital products all over the world and I did it without a ready-made network, or 10 years in the industry – I did it from scratch, making mistakes and learning by cold, hard experience.

I have also designed and launched countless digital campaigns and know the tech that goes on behind the scenes like the back of my own hand.

Think of me as like having your own co-founder in your back pocket.

How Did It All Begin?

I was doing a PhD in medieval politics when I had my first baby and realised that I wanted a different kind of career – one that gave me independence and a focus for my creativity.

So I jumped ship and launched my design studio,  working with some of the most amazing retailers all over the world. By the time I sold my business, I had another baby and had experienced the highest highs and some of the lowest lows of running a busy product design studio.

Since then I have poured all of my energy into working with ambitious and creative women like you to help them build their businesses in a wide range of industries, honing their products, campaigns and digital strategies.

What I Can Do For You

I am your very own product problem solver.

Whether you are at the very earliest stages of your business, or are already up and running, we can work together to finesse your product and get it into the hands of the right people. I will help you develop and scale your product so that you can make money and run your business with the maximum efficiency.

No matter what your niche is, I am here for you. Think of me as having a co-founder in your back pocket – always on call to help you, with practical, experienced support.

Other Ways To Work With Me

The Card Curator

The Card Curator is my brand new mini course that takes you through the whole process of designing, making and selling your own deck of tarot, oracle or affirmation cards.

Perfect for somebody just starting out on their product journey, this course is perfect for high-vibe entrepreneurs with a message to share.

The Well Planned Planner

The Well Planned Planner is my best-selling mini course that teaches you how to research, design, make and sell your own premium print planner.

Whether you are an established service-provider or coach, or just starting out with a brand new business, this mini course will get you started.

Profitable Product Launch

This is my flagship one year  program that takes new product-based business owners through the entire process of bringing a new physical product to market.

Everything from market research to overseas manufacturing is covered, and with fortnightly group calls, students are expertly supported throughout.

The Resilient Business

The Resilient Business is an application-only program that helps multi-passionate entrepreneurs develop sustainable, resilient product suites that can weather any storm.

If you dream of a business with more than one income stream and want high-touch, practical, experienced support and guidance to help you build it, this is for you.