Nearly all of the people I work with come to me to talk about one particular idea they have, but then confess that actually, they have about four different things that they want to do – or that they’re pretty much doing already!

Sound familiar?

I’ve also met with multipassionate entrepreneurs who have 2 or more completely separate businesses (and often a full time job too!) and people with multi-offering businesses, or separate businesses that offer very similar products.

So what is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and what is a multi-offering business?

A multi-passionate entrepreneur is usually a business owner with two or more completely separate businesses (or business ideas). She might have a weight loss coaching business AND baby toy business AND a network marketing gig on the side selling jewellery. The different businesses don’t overlap at all, and each has to be run separately.

Should you be a multipassionate entrepreneur?

Well, you absolutely can! It’s a lot of fun if there are several different things that you enjoy doing, and you can focus more or less attention on each business as the mood takes you or as the seasons change – I know one multi-passionate entrepreneur who makes a huge amount of money selling Christmas themed sweaters during the holiday season, and then focuses on her other products at other times of the year.

Personally, I think it feels quite stressful! You’re managing two or more websites, social media accounts, email marketing campaigns, paid marketing campaigns, content strategies etc. It makes me feel tired just thinking about it, but then if they’re bringing in enough money you can hire people to take care of a lot of that admin for you, so it doesn’t ll fall onto you to make reels for four different brands every day, but still. It’s a lot of work.

However, that having been said, I have my main business, providing and teaching business and product strategy, but there is an industry that I am passionate about, and I am currently building a little fun project around it – something intentionally hands-off and low maintenance once I’ve built the initial designs, but I think it will be mildly profitable and maybe scratch an itch!

Should you start a multi-offering business instead?

So, naturally this comes down to personal preference, but to keep things marginally less complicated, I would lean towards the multi-offering business. This means ONE business, one niche, one website/socials/campaign etc, and all of your other offerings fall within its theme.

So what does this mean in practice? Because I know you are reading this as somebody who is always fizzing with great ideas, and wants to build something fun and diverse, right?

Well, let’s just say you are a therapist who specialises in helping women develop healthy attidudes and habits around food and weight.  This is your main practice and your sole source of income.

A multioffering business in this context would radiate out of your existing practice, but could encompass a diverse mindful cooking app with recipes and lifestyle guidance or a self-paced mini-course.

These would also serve as a promotional piece for your main work by delivering huge value and exceeding expectations, reinforcing your own reputation as THE person to work with.

You could add a membership – this can be as simple or as complex as you wish. I’ve seen really great examples of very lean memberships (I’m in an amazing one for email marketing that is only $10 a month), and equally I’ve seen highly complex ones for $279 a month – both sell well, both are profitable, but need a certain level of push at the start to get a minimum operational number of members.

You could run a group program that would come in as perhaps more affordable than your 1:1 work from the client’s perspective, but in the long run be substantially more profitable and less work for you.

If you live in a country with some beautiful destinations, you could run retreats centred on healthy cooking and lifestyle habits.

All of these things would give you the creativity and diversity in your business that you are looking for, but each would feed naturally into the other and you would only be marketing ONE business, not half a dozen!

I know some business strategists encourage you to focus on one offering and ONLY one, and I’m sure that works for some personalities, but that would be incredibly limiting for me. I love being able to create new offerings and courses, new kinds of coaching and hands-on work. My business is my laboratory! It’s where I test and discover.

I also firmly believe that a multi-offering business is a resilient one. It can weather the storm. You can put down your in person work to have a baby, or go on holiday, or take a break for your own mental health, and your other products are still ticking over nicely.

Not sure what kind of multi-offering business would suit your personality most? Take my quiz to find out!