Are you interested in becoming an affiliate for my programs? Let’s spill the beans.

My brand new partner program (or affiliate program) gives you the chance to tell your friends and contacts about my courses and coaching programs and EARN.

I offer a generous 25% commission on my two core programs, The Well Planned Planner and The Profitable Product Launch.

This means that for every student you refer to me, you could earn as much as $324.25 – in fact, more if they choose a payment plan!

In addition, you can earn yourself a free place in The Profitable Product Launch when you refer 4 students and there are great prizes and rewards for the highest earning partners at the end of the year!

On top of this, you even don’t have to refer people just to the sales pages for my programs – if you send somebody to one of my generous freebies using your unique link and they sign up for a paid program within 30 days, you get your full commission!

For The Resilient Business and my 6 month coaching program, I don’t offer a % commission, but a $500 finders fee – if you refer somebody to the program, you have to remind them to put your name in as the referrer in their application form.

When you apply to be an affiliate, we will look carefully at your application to make sure you’re a great fit, and then when you are accepted, you will get access to a great suite of materials and assets to help you on your way, as well as plenty of support and training from my team to make sure you can best spread the word!

My programs are evergreen (always open) so you are able to earn year round, but I will also be doing two live launches in 2022 and these events are a great opportunity for you to shine (and, well, earn more).

Are you in?