Running any kind of business without an online presence is very hard, and if you are looking to build an empire for your coaching or product-based business, WordPress is one of the most powerful website solutions available.

Many of the entrepreneurs I work with run a wide variety of service-based businesses, such as online coaching programs and mini-courses, as well as digital downloads and printables.

But here’s the thing. Shopify is fantastic for product ONLY businesses (I talk about that over here) but if you are selling services as well, I absolutely recommend the Divi WordPress theme, which is the flagship theme from Elegant Themes.

The theme has helped thousands of coaching businesses to thrive, and with recent updates and new improvements such as the drag-and-drop page builder (I’m using it right now as I create this blog post!) and customization options, it is one of the most powerful website builders for coaches and service providers available.

What is the Divi theme?

Since the Divi theme launched in 2013 it has consistently maintained its position as one of the most competitive, multipurpose WordPress themes. However, Divi is more than a basic WordPress theme, it is a versatile website building platform which simplifies and enhances the basic WordPress editor.

Whether you are a small coaching business looking to design a cost-effective website or a skilled designer with big ideas (I fall somewhere in between the two), the Divi Builder feature will help you to create a stunning website with efficiency and ease.

The benefits of the Divi theme from Elegant Themes

Versatility – Although the Divi theme is the main product from Elegant Themes, there is also a Divi Builder plugin that can be added to any WordPress website regardless of the theme being used.

This means that if you have a WordPress theme which you are happy with, a quick installation of the Divi plugin could provide you many of the Divi benefits including content templates, the simple page building tools, and split testing.

Pre-built website templates – In my opinion, Divi probably has the largest selection of page templates available within any WordPress theme. So, whether you are wondering how to sell your program online or which platform is best for your print planner, Divi is a great choice.

From standard business website templates through to eCommerce stores for downloadable products and learning management systems for coaches and course providers, Divi has the template you need.

Visual content editor –  The page builder tool is one of the best features from Elegant Themes, with Divi supporting those who are looking to create a bespoke website design from scratch, alongside the pre-designed templates.

I recommend starting with the useful layout packs, which will act as an excellent starting point for your own bespoke website designs. There is the ability to choose from a selection of custom content modules, reuse sections and access the wireframe mode to gain a clear understanding of the structure.

Ease of use – The Divi Builder experience is very different from the standard WordPress editor, as there are so many new easy to use features at your fingertips. I recommend spending some time familiarising yourself with the interface, so that you can make the most of the creative tools and take full control of your store or website design.

Through the Divi Theme Builder feature it is possible to customise everything from the header and footer of the site through to the various theme templates.

Pricing – Compared to many WordPress themes, Divi is very affordable when you consider the sheer number of features available. There are two potential options, a yearly subscription or lifetime access. It is possible to continue using Divi after an annual subscription ends, however I would not recommend this as there is no support in terms of security.

By investing in the lifetime access, you will benefit from the release of new features, and there is always a 30-day money back guarantee in place if you are not happy.

My top 4 Divi theme features:

High-quality templates – There are hundreds of editable templates within Divi for all types of service and product-based businesses. Once you create a page or section which is perfect for your brand, it can be saved within the useful global modules feature for use anywhere on your site.

In addition, the assets and layouts within your website can be transferred to other WordPress websites, which is great for many of the entrepreneurs I work with who have multiple businesses and income streams.

Split a/b testing – This feature, known as Divi Leads, will help you to optimise the content on your website for the highest possible conversions. Whether you are looking to sell downloadable affirmation cards, print planners or sell a group coaching program, split testing will ensure your pages are optimised and aligned to your business objectives.

This is a rare feature within WordPress themes, and you will find that it is surprisingly easy to use. Simply set your goal, create the two element versions and the tool will provide you with the performance stats.

Powerful content tools – WordPress is a highly versatile website builder platform, and when combined with the drag-and-drop feature rich content tools, it is possible to build a powerful website for your business. Choose from a wide range of modules designed to help you boost sales, including video players, content sliders and call-to-action buttons.

Additional plugins: All Divi purchases include a range of useful WordPress plugins, such as the Extra theme, which is ideal for blogs, the Bloom email opt-in form, the Monarch social sharing plugin and Divi Builder for use with other WordPress themes.

Who can use the Elegant Themes Divi theme?

If you find yourself typing into Google questions such as “Which platform should I use to sell my print planner?” and “How do I sell my program online?”, Divi could be the answer you are searching for.

Divi will provide the easy-to-use tools you need to create a website which converts, and it can fully integrate with eCommerce plugins such as WooCommerce. Your business will benefit from the design of the Divi theme, whilst your sales benefit from the WooCommerce modules which ensure a smooth purchasing process.

Is the Divi theme the best choice for my business?

In my opinion, Divi is one of the most powerful themes and it is no surprise that it is the main choice within the Elegant Themes range. Whether you are looking for a ready to go template or the ability to use your design skills to create a website or eCommerce store from scratch, Divi will provide access to the tools required, without needing to use code.

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