Okay – so one of the first things people ask me is how to CHARGE for their products and services.

As you know, I’m a huge fan of keeping it simple, and if you are only selling physical products, Shopify is pretty great. I’ve already talked about that elsewhere.

But… if you are looking to create a seamless checkout experience for both physical and non-physical products, ThriveCart is a great choice. When it comes to online shopping carts, conversion is the key to boosting sales and this excellent shopping cart solution has a variety of features to help, if you want to keep things open and flexible with your product suite.

What is ThriveCart?

In a nutshell, ThriveCart software will help you to sell and take payment for your services, physical products, digital products, and subscriptions. It is one of the fastest growing sales options for content creators, course leaders, coaches, and eCommerce businesses, with excellent features that go way beyond simple shopping cart provision.

The benefits of ThriveCart

Having a great FAST checkout experience for your customers can make a huge difference in either making a sale or losing a customer, and in my opinion ThriveCart is definitely worth the investment (you pay up front for a lifetime licence, rather than paying monthly – it’s a big investment, but it’s cheaper than some of the alternatives). Their promise in return is to help you increase sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates, with easy-to-use checkout templates which maximise conversions.

-> Effectiveness – If you are looking for excellent sales funnel features, you will find tools within ThriveCart which encourage upselling, monthly subscriptions, and even innovative order bumps. Love it.

-> Pricing – There are two pricing options, the standard account, and the pro account, with both options based on a single lifetime fee. I recommend the pro account which offers features such as sales tax calculations and affiliate marketing tools. This approach to payment is very unusual within the checkout tool marketplace, so if you are a startup business on a budget, ThriveCart may be ideal.

-> Integration – The team at ThriveCart have ensured that it can integrate with popular email marketing platforms, membership platforms, payment processors and even webinar platforms. I always advise business owners to use multiple marketing platforms, and ThriveCart has the ability to link to many apps, social media platforms and email marketing campaigns which could be great tools for your business.

-> Ease of use – The ThriveCart checkout pages can be set up within minutes, and there is no prior coding knowledge required. The simple drag and drop editor can be used together with the premade templates, so that you can tweak templates or design a cart solution from scratch. Mine look gorgeous (even if I say so myself!) and took no time at all. Just drop in your own colours and logo and instantly it looks chic.

-> Payment options – It is possible to integrate directly with all popular payment processors, including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay and Stripe. There are also various coupon options which you can provide to customers, including percentage discounts, free shipping and trigger coupons which are delivered via email.

->  Support – If you ever need help the ThriveCart support centre and email support team are excellent.

 My top 4 ThriveCart features

There are many great ThriveCart features, however these are the top 4 which I recommend to everyone:

1) Bump – This excellent feature is designed to help you boost your profits every time you make a sale, by providing a highly visible ‘bump’ tick box within the product page. I suggest choosing a bump item which is relevant to the purchase they are making, so that you add additional value to their purchase.

2) Upsell – The one-click upsell feature is another useful tool you can use to boost your sales. It will make it easy for customers to make a second purchase by remembering their card details.

3) Simple templates – ThriveCart provides out of the box easy to use templates, which are well designed, easy to use and mobile friendly. This simplicity is essential if you are looking to create checkout pages that convert well, and there are various options available to help. From one step checkouts through to popup checkouts, every option includes a range of styling choices, and I recommend testing a few to see which is the best option for you.

4) Integrations – If you are not a technical person, ThriveCart has you covered. ThriveCart will provide the missing puzzle piece you need to link your marketing software to your eCommerce solution. Simply pick the tools you prefer and ThriveCart will create the workflow you need.

5) Affiliates. If you want to sell MORE places on your course, sell MORE planners or start reaching a wider audience for your program, you might want to start working with affiliates.

The big reason I switched from SamCart to ThriveCart was the hefty extra monthly fee from SamCart to add affiliate functionality. I just couldn’t justify it. The switch to ThriveCart with affiliate functionality represented a MASSIVE saving for my small business.


Who is ThriveCart really for, though? Is Thrivecart right for a life coach, for instance?

It is a great choice for coaches and any kind of business, really, which offers a product or service with flexible billing, as the software is designed to support free trials, one-time payments, monthly billing, and annual fees. This makes it very easy for customers to make a financial commitment to your business, and the payment functions are also a great marketing opportunity in themselves.

For example… if you offer a mixture of one-time payment products and monthly rebilling products, it is possible to segment these customers for marketing purposes.

ThriveCart can link to your email marketing platform and will create an automated workflow based on your customer segments, so that you can quickly and easily create effective targeted campaigns. This isn’t something I do very often – it’s a pretty advanced feature! – but to have that capacity there for me is fantastic as my own business grows, right?

If you use an online course platform or membership site to deliver products such as digital courses, downloadable planners, and eBooks, you will find that the ThriveCart software works seamlessly.

The various cross selling and upselling tools are particularly useful, as you can easily recommend additional relevant products during the checkout process. It’s often cheaper to use ThriveCart and then enroll people on your program through their integration, than to have a paid plan on Teachable (or wherever) that allows you to reduce your payment fees to them, if you see what I mean, and it’s much easier for your accountant to have everything coming through one source anyway.

In addition, if you are wondering what is the best checkout for selling group coaching sessions, ThriveCart offers great enrolment tools.

Students can easily pay and follow the steps you create within the onboarding flow, such as an initial call, group sessions and live coaching, with the ability to schedule sessions via a booking link.

However, ThriveCart also supports the sale of physical products such as books, planners, and affirmation cards, and will allow you to obtain full postage address information during the checkout process, so you don’t need to feel you must have WooCommerce (cumbersome) or Shopify (more money!) on top of your Thrivecart checkout.

Is ThriveCart the best checkout for selling my course or program?

ThriveCart is one the best choices available for courses and even billing for coaching, especially as you only need to pay for lifetime access once, compared to SamCart’s monthly fees. Their fees really stack up, especially if you want to start using affiliates – for me it was the cost of adding affiliate functionality that tipped me over into deciding to use Thrivecart instead.

Whether you are thinking of selling or are already selling a course, program or even a printable, ThriveCart is a tool which I highly recommend, now that I have been using it for a while.

I only recommend tools which I have personally achieved amazing results with, and I’m so happy with Thrivecart that if you sign up for it using the button below (or any of the links in this post), you can book a FREE 20 minute on-boarding call me me to help you get set up! 

Why? I’m an affiliate for Thrivecart (they’re they only checkout software I’m an affiliate for because they’re the only one I recommend) so I get a commission – at ZERO extra cost to you – so in return, I would like to help you USE IT RIGHT and get the most value from it. To get the free onboarding call, you have to use my link though.

Are you in?