When I ran my award-winning design studio, publicity was a game-changer for me.

Being featured in the most important Sunday newspaper in the UK had me spending the following week assembling and shipping out as many orders as I physically could.

A write-up in the Jamie Oliver magazine was a logistics nightmare when I ran out of stock and had to expedite more stock from the US at exorbitant shipping prices!

Getting my cushions showcased in the prestigious World of Interiors magazine opened doors to some of the most important buyers in the trade.

Showing off my impressive press book – with press cuttings from every single UK interiors magazine – to wavering customers at trade fairs helped me close tens of thousands of pounds in sales.

And it’s not just me.

The week sustainable underwear brand Knickey launched, they were featured on the homepage of vogue.com, a publicity WIN that had them selling out within hours of their website going live! (You can listen to my interview with their founder, Cayla, here.)

A feature in a print publication or on a big website – even a niche one loved by your dream customers – or an interview on a podcast can be transformative for your business and for your new product.

And that’s where Selena Soo comes in.

Selena Soo is the brains behind Impacting Millions, a year long program that teaches you how to generate and handle your own publicity for your business and product.

In other words, she teaches you how to do your own PR.

She teaches you how to make yourself – and your product – famous.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Before you start shaking your head at me, remember – you don’t have to have an hour long prime time interview with Oprah Winfrey to be a success.

You’re the only person who can define what “success” means to you. It might mean your planner making $10k (or $50k!) profit in 2021. It might mean getting your greetings cards into Anthropologie. It might mean making 250 sales on your Etsy store.

You don’t need to become a household name to achieve any of these things, but getting your name OUT THERE will make a world of difference, I promise you.

You can achieve this – and more – this Spring when you join me on Impacting Millions, Selena Soo’s game-changing, year long publicity program. You are going to go from unknown entity to household name with rocket speed if you implement her strategies, and to make it that bit easier for you, I am launching my Impacting Millions Bonuses! You’re invited to join The Well Planned Publicity Mastermind and elevate your Impacting Millions experience with me this Spring: