Hey there, Superstar. Have you ever wondered how the world’s most successful product entrepreneurs felt when they were about to start out?

I can tell you.

They felt exactly like you do now.

Excited. Apprehensive. Excited again. Confident. Doubtful. Excited again.

I want to tell you something vital right now: your dream is something very special, and it’s something that you deserve to see through, for five very important reasons.

Let’s dive in.

1 Starting your own business gives you the freedom to make a living doing something you love.

In a world where you might have kids home from school indefinitely at a moment’s notice (or have them at home with you already), where your hours might be cut or your job might cease to exist at all, owning your own business puts YOU in charge of your time and money.

Whether you plan to make millions of dollars and sell your brand to Estee Lauder or Facebook, or run a “kitchen table” side hustle to pay for a holiday or home extension, starting your own business puts YOU in the driving seat.

Suddenly, you’re not beholden to anybody else and you set the terms.

Even if you think you’re not ready yet, remember this – EVERYBODY has been a beginner at some point. Check out your favourite entrepreneurs and business owners . When they started their businesses – which might be making millions now – they were EXACTLY where you are. At the start.

Were they sure they were ready? Probably not.

Did they dive in anyway, put in the work, and make an impact anyway? YES.


2 Starting your own PRODUCT business gives you the freedom to make a living MAKING something you love – and best of all – making something that OTHER PEOPLE will love.

There is endless joy in seeing something that you have created in the hands of a delighted customer, AND knowing that this is supporting you and your family, giving you a useful income stream alongside your 9 – 5, or financing a passion project.

The possibilities are simply endless.

– Things you can make at home yourself –

Cakes, face masks, small batch skincare, soap, candles.

– Things that can be made locally in fairly small batches –

A zine or small print magazine, apparel, paper goods.

– Things you can manufacture in bulk, locally or overseas –

Planners, home accessories, ceramics, baby products, leather goods, electronic devices (could you create the next fitbit?). In fact, literally anything!


3 If your product HELPS or COMFORTS people in any way at all, then 2020 is YOUR YEAR.

The upheaval that nearly everybody has experienced over 2020 has had people turning to new ideas, new brands and new products for reassurance, support, and comfort.

Whether your product is something for the home (or home OFFICE), skincare, lounge or fitness wear, face coverings, self-help or home learning/organisation, your timing just couldn’t be better.

Pro tip 1: Because they are spending more time at home, people are also investing more in their balconies and gardens. What might that mean for you?

Pro tip 2: With a huge amount of professional face to face communication happening via Zoom, I predict a big uptick in earring sales – they’re suddenly the only accessories that people can see! Lipstick and earrings are the two things I reach for before I go on a Zoom call.


4 You Already Have Everything You Need

To start a successful business around a PHYSICAL product, you need one thing: an idea.

All of the resources you need to bring that idea to LIFE are around you or inside you already. If you are reading these words, you are showing me that you are already internet-savvy enough to find the information you need, when you need it.

Once you have an IDEA, you can use that savvy to start bringing together the tools you need – even if you don’t have any startup capital right now, you can use tools like Canva to start creating freebies and paid digital products AROUND your product idea to start building your audience and generating a bit of buzz and some cold, hard cash.

With that capital, you can hire a graphic designer to start working on the design and a set of mockups for your pre-selling campaign.

Depending on the product, you can get a beta version out pretty cheaply – can you make it yourself? Print a small run locally? With a bit more capital, you can dive straight into manufacturing in bulk and max out your profits from the start.

Thanks to savvy preselling, one of my clients almost sold out of her first batch of planners by the time her product had shipped to her from the factory!


5 Product design and manufacturing has never been easier.

In the bad old days, you needed contacts, introductions, agents, site visits (to China! Or Turkey!). Today, key online resources give you straightforward, reliable, instant access to world-class designers and manufacturers all over the world.

Work with a talented graphic designer in Romania today, identify and interview 5 trustworthy printers in China tomorrow, and place an order for your planner or any other product KNOWING what you’re going to get, and CONFIDENT that you are paying a fair price for a high-quality product.

You even have financial protection when using platforms such as UpWork with your payment held in escrow until you sign off on the work!

If you are making your product at home yourself, you can easily order materials and ingredients from all over the world, and it’s easy to educate yourself on local laws and regulations, and source high-quality packaging for a premium feel.


If you’re reading all this and getting more and more excited about taking the plunge but wishing you had some help bringing it all together, and the support of a community of entrepreneurs at the same stage as you are, then I’ve got you covered.

The Profitable Product Launch opens twice a year, but you can get instant access at the end of my unique masterclass, Manufacturing Made Simple. Sign up here –