If you are planning a 2021 planner to sell and haven’t started yet, it’s ALMOST not too late!
Designing a planner to sell takes time and hard work, but if you are really disciplined and well organized, you could pull it off for December sales!

Let’s assume you are READY and you want to start today. You know your ideal customer inside and out and you know exactly what she needs. You know what is going to make your planner different from all the other planners out there that your dream customer COULD buy. You know what your planner is going to DO.
So, you’re ready to start!

Here are some timings that you need to keep in mind:
Planning your content so that every page makes a SIGNIFICANT impact on your dream user: 1 to 8 weeks
**During this time you are also identifying and booking your printer AND your graphic designer**

Working with a graphic designer to lay out your planner: 4 weeks
**During this time you are working on your Shopify website**

Working with a printer to get a sample: 2 weeks
**During this time you are working with your graphic designer to create a set of gorgeous mockups for your website and an amazing lead magnet**

To get a full print run of 200 – 300 planners: 2 – 4 weeks
**During this time you are PRE-SELLING your planner**

To ship from China by sea (if not using a US-based printer): 4 – 5 weeks.
So roughly speaking, you are looking at 3 – 4 months MINIMUM.

You need to have your planners in your hand by mid-December at the latest, so count BACKWARDS from that date to be sure that you are hitting your deadlines as you work your way through the process of making your planner.

As you can see, there are lots of periods of time when you have “nothing” to do because your graphic designer is working her magic, or you are waiting for your sample or final print run to arrive. Make that time COUNT by getting your website ready to sell your planner before it’s even printed!

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