When I launched my course, Flourish, I made a huge rookie error – I ASSUMED that I knew what people wanted.

Spoiler alert: Uh-oh.

I assumed that people wanted a course. That they wanted to be fed the information they needed to design, create and launch a new physical product. That they wanted to be told how to launch a skincare line. How to start a babywear business. How to design a stationery collection.

After a while I asked for some feedback on what I had created. (After.. not before…)

And the answer really surprised me – people liked the course, but wanted to work with me 1:1 instead.

They felt that their product ideas were too diverse, that their challenges were too unique and personal to be addressed by a course, and that even if I created new modules to match up to individual product niches, I couldn’t possibly get as close as I could if we were working 1:1.

So I went back to the drawing board. Flourish itself as a structure is still rock solid. The material is based on many years of hands on industry experience and serves as a fantastic foundation for a coaching program, so instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, I have kept it as my core offering and have built a three month 1:1 coaching program around it.

Now, starting from September, you can work with me for three months, with weekly phone or video calls and daily unlimited messaging contact via Slack or WhatsApp. We will follow the core curriculum of Flourish, taking you through the process of starting a product-based business, but instead of packing it into 6 weeks, we will spread it out over 12 weeks, giving us time to really explore each phase and focus on the areas that are important to YOU.

We will give at least 6 weeks of the three months over to your PRODUCT and your SALES, as these are the most important areas of the whole time we spend together.

Your product and your challenges are the reason we are here, and everything we do together during this coaching program is centred on YOU.

How to launch a new product.

Stage 1: Your Idea

We will explore your idea, your market and your target audience to refine your final product and zoom in on your industry and audience.

Stage 2: Your Brand

We will craft a brand identity for your new product that will make it stand out from the competition with a coherent and consistent visual and verbal identity. We will explore building your own website, and how you can get up and running on your own in just a day!


This is the heart of the course. We look into the mechanics of pricing a product profitably, having a product manufactured, right through to packaging and shipping and how to test it thoroughly before you take it to market.

Stage 4: Your Sales

In this week we look at the different ways of bringing a product to market, in particular ecommerce and working with retailers. We explore how to identify the best retailers to work with and ow to get your products onto their shelves, as well as how to work your first trade show like a pro.

Stage 5: Your Marketing

In our marketing week, we look at the most efficient ways to market a new product without burning out, leveraging social media, email marketing, LinkedIn and analytics.

Stage 6: Your Business

Finally we take a look at some of the core areas of running a business that apply across all stages and areas of your work. Finance, money management, PR, outsourcing and more are all explored in a combination of media.

Working with me 1:1 is so much better than taking another course. For one thing, ACCOUNTABILITY. I won’t let you want the first 4 minutes of the first video and disappear for 3 weeks. We’ll be in this together, crafting your business and your product face to face by video chat (or on the phone if you prefer), with huge amounts of content for you to access whenever you need it, tailored masterclasses and a unique level of high-touch support to make sure that you succeed.

I would love to work with you, and I would love to have a no-strings chat with you on the phone this week to see how I can help you bring your plan to reality. Think of me as your coach, your best friend and your business partner – who has your back the WHOLE WAY.

Let’s chat. Book a call with me today.

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