Thinking about doing a DIY product photo shoot? I’ve bootstrapped more photo shoots than I care to mention and even if I’m getting furious looks here from pro photographers, there ARE ways you can take great product shots on your own, with nothing but your phone.

1 – Natural Light. Natural light is way better than the artificial lighting you have around your home, and it’s easier to use than a complicated rig that you might buy off amazon. Set yourself up in a bright window (not direct sun though, because shadows).

2 – Minimal backgrounds. I don’t mean you have to keep an empty, bright room in your home for photoshoots, but whatever is in the background of your shot has to be IMMACULATELY neat and tidy, with as little clutter as possible. No wires, no kid’s stuff, no nothing. Take a sample shot, check it out and remove everything that’s in the shot that doesn’t need to be there.

3 – Even if you’re using a tripod, play around with a bunch of different angles. A pro knows instinctively which angle is best, but we’re just learning, so take your photo from a number of different heights and angles, and rotate it so it catches the light from your window differently.

4 – If you’re taking a top-down shot, don’t use a sheet as your backdrop unless you have ironed it to within an inch of its life. Better to use a slightly textured background like a painted table or floorboards than an unprofessional-looking crease.

5 – Don’t use mannequins for your accessory shots. Get a real person EVERY TIME. Shots can be quite close in – an earring should be actually ON AN EAR, and you can zoom right in to only get the earring, jawline and a wisp of hair.

6 – Avoid fabric backdrops unless you are prepared to IRON. And nothing shiny as it will reflect light in odd ways. A plain wall facing a window is much better.

7 – Post production can be done on your phone! Avoid filters as it’s easy to be too heavy handed, but whack up the exposure and lighting as high as you dare. If in doubt, ask on your favourite FB group for opinions! 

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