It goes without saying that I am all about female founders, but when these amazing women make awesome t-shirts AND have amazing podcasts AS WELL, then I get quite giddy.

Today I want to introduce you to two fantastic woman-owned brands, both brimming with sass. Brave Girl T-Shirts and Billy!

I’ve known about Billy! for ages because I have been watching Casey Neistat’s vlog for the last couple of years, and nobody who knows about Casey can have failed to notice Candice Pool, the successful jewellery designer with two brands, stockists all over the US, a toddler and another baby on the way – who also happens to be Casey’s wife. She started her first jewellery brand, Finn, a number of years ago, and a couple of years ago when she wanted to create something a bit more edgy but without disrupting the more classic Finn brand identity, she launched Billy!

If your budget doesn’t quite stretch to the Si/No or Fuck You/Fuck Me necklaces, she also has a range of super-cool t-shirts, sweatshirts and cashmere jumpers (because that’s how she rolls). If you follow me on Instagram you might have noticed my attachment to my Billy! t-shirt lately.

But if that wasn’t enough, because she has been such a popular, if reluctant, feature of Casey’s vlog (although if you don’t get shivers at the end of this vlog, you have no heart), she and Casey have started a podcast called Couples Therapy where they explore the tempestuous ups and downs of their relationship, and discuss pregnancy, motherhood, mental health and the pressures of running a business. It’s brilliant. Go listen now.

Couples Therapy With Candice and Casey

Another fab design-driven, woman-owned startup that I have just come across recently is Brave Girl Club. Founded by Chicago-based Lizzie Benson, they make awesome, inspirational t-shirts with a cool retro vibe and 90’s pop culture references that will make you want to go and rewatch Legally Blonde for the 90th time.

Lizzie has several strings to her bow – she has a social media and design agency and runs the fantastic blog & She’s Brave. Best of all, she also has a podcast, The Brave Girl Club, which you can find here. You have to wonder when Lizzie actually sleeps, right?

If you know of an inspirational entrepreneur who has several strings to her bow – something you can wear, something you can listen to, perhaps – share in the comments below! If that sounds like YOU, maybe you have some advice you could share with the community in an interview some time!

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